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Introducing... The Book That Will Improve Your Life

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What People Are Saying...

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"This book is a wonderful tool for anyone looking to zero in on their goals and aspirations. It’s an easy read that outlines some of the key components of how to overcome adversity in your life and make the necessary changes to conquer the dreams we all have since grade school."- Alisha Corrine

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"Highly recommend. This book gives a remarkable perspective on real life issues that many face in a whizzing world. The author gives real-life examples of clarity that are simple to try yourself. As a step Mom of a child with attention issues, I feel empowered after reading this."
- Brooke Beatrice

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Eric is the best person I know. The best part about him is you know he really cares. From the minute you start working with him you can feel your mind shift in way you never thought possible. There is no one I trust more to help me." - Celebrity Magician Joel Meyers

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